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 MagNascent™ is packaged in 1 oz. glass, dark amber bottles. Each drop provides 400 mcg of nascent iodine which is the RDA for an adult. Store in a cool, dry place. 

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Why use the defender?

To reduce exposure to:

Cell Phone Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation   

Test results abailable: Yes

Technology used: Energetic interference

Compatibility: All phone models 

EMR Defender Neutralizes Damaging Cell Phone Radiation

Do you believe that less radiation absorbed by your body and brain is better for you in the long run?

The EMR Defender is an extraordinary product that neutralizes harmful EMR’s. This patent pending process uses an exclusive Infusion Technology (energetic interference) that aids in counteracting the effects of radiation. This neutralization process renders the damaging effects harmless.    



 You can keep your brain and body out of harm's way, if you use the Defender. The cell phone radiation is neutralized and rendered harmless before it is absorbed by your brain and body.

Neutralizing up to 99.95% of your cell phone's EMR

(Additional benefit: enhanced battery life span)   

We have developed a remarkable product, the EMR Defender. It neutralizes harmful EMR by providing precise frequencies that neutralize the electromagnetic frequencies to a natural state of oscillating frequencies. This field of frequencies oscillations or bioresonance provides the energetic switch-boarding behind every cellular function.



Thermal image showing baseline        Thermal Image 5 min. into cell        Thermal image 5 min. into cell  

energy of non-active cell phone       phone call without EMR Defender      phone call with EMR Defender

Studies conducted outside of the cell phone industry consistently show:

  • Cell phones will damage brain cell DNA. Children's brains are especially vulnerable.
  • Dr. Franz Adlkofer conclusively proved that cell phone radiation unravels DNA.
  • Independent studies of cell phone radiation dangers find problems at more than twice the rate that industry-funded studies find problems.
  • Men who do not use cell phones have far more healthy sperm than those who use a cell phone between 2 to 4 hours a day.
  • Rats that have mastered getting out of a tank without drowning, once exposed to cell phone radiation for an hour, get lost and swim in circles.
  • Lloyds of London refuses to insure cell phone manufacturers against health-related claims, as do a number of other firms.
  • The cell phone industry has followed the playbook of the tobacco industry. 

How the Defender works

·      Works on any cell phone, new or older, digital or analogue.

·      Targets a focal point of radiation exposure and neutralizes it.

·      The EMR Defender has shown to neutralize harmful EMR's up to 99.95%.

·      It works on ALL electronic products that emits harmful radiation.


The Defender on two different backgrounds.


(Actual Size 0.5 Inch)

The Defender is beautiful, small, and slightly blends in with the color of your phone. It is also extremely effective in neutralizing unwanted and potentially damaging electromagnetic microwave radiation.

Exposure to cell phone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken. Using your cell phone makes you a voluntary, willing participant.


Do you really want to be part of this massive human experiment?


Please join the EMR Defender Foundation to help us shield children from wireless pollution





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